If you are an amatuer or a former professional musician living in the New York Metro area, we would love if you would be interested to join our ensemble!

The FHSO is also committed to developing the musical education of the youth, nurturing their skills as performers and creators, expanding their musical interests and experiences, and inspiring a lifelong appreciation of live performance.

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Joining the FHSO requires that each player commits to
attending all rehearsals as required.

There is a need for the non-professional orchestra in each community. Hundreds of persons who studied a musical instrument as youngsters have achieved a high level of proficiency and wish to continue playing and/or improving their skills—i.e. for decades the New York City and Long Island schools have trained many student in band and orchestra instruments. The fact that as adults these people wish to spend their leisure time making music is by itself an indication that the school system’s instrumental music education has been successful. For those who reach a high level of proficiency and wish to pursue music as an avocation, there should be a music organization available to them.

As the title of John Holt’s book indicates it’s Never Too Late. Many individuals come to an instrument late in life, it comes a s a means to fulfill a lifelong urge to be creative, or to fill what seems to be a void of time as one approaches mid-life and later retirement. There is no longer the need to say, “if only I had when I was young...

The QFO/FHSO offers an invaluable service to the community at large. We do not turn anyone away from membership and encourage him or her to improve. We offer a program that I of interest and of value to both senior citizens as well as students. Music is chosen from several points of view: (A) level of difficulty to challenge and encourage without swamping, (B) orchestra member and audience interest in playing and hearing the selections. The most important factor is the feeling of accomplishment and success!




To create Music in the Positive Social Experience

of Community Service

This program is made possible in part by funding from the Office of the Queens Borough President Melinda Katz and the Department of Youth and Community Development sponsored by Karen Koslowitz

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